Letters to the Editor

Sick of anonymous whiners on Mondays

To all you gutless whiners who call in on Mondays so you can hide your names, I say this.

Get a life, you spineless crybabies.

What makes you think salt trucks don’t slide and get stuck on ice any less than your cars? Look at St. Louis, or anywhere for that matter. Everyone was caught off guard on that one. It was nobody’s fault that it happened. Go to church and raise hell with God. He made it happen!

I’m so sick of you gutless whiners on Mondays. Why don’t you quit hiding behind your curtains and under your beds; go to the city council meetings and say your piece. You seem to have all the answers all the time, so run for office so the rest of us can pick your ideas apart and blame you for everything we don’t like!

Dennis W. Kaufmann, Belleville