Letters to the Editor

Hear the truth directly from Trump

It’s abundantly clear that the Donald Trump haters pronounced their lamebrain verdict of who Trump is based on the biased media, hearsay and/or a preconceived anti-Republican mindset. These uninformed mobs hate Trump because he’s supposedly a racist, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, anti-gay rights, is a poor businessman, wants dirty water and air, conspired with the Russians and the FBI to rig the election, and the list goes on and on.

I watched many hours of Trump’s speeches and never heard him say any of what the haters claim. I also painfully watched Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ speeches. I formed my opinion of which candidate had the best vision and ability to make our country great again based on what came out of the candidates’ mouths, not the media’s deranged interpretation.

What’s pathetic is that the Trump haters don’t care to hear the truth directly from President-elect Trump. Many Democrats did listen to Trump, and that’s exactly why they voted for him. He turned blue states and blue counties into a sea of red because they listened to his ideas and vision and they made sense. Millions were fed up with the lies, failures and ineptitude of Barack Obama and the Clintons.

And comparing what a private citizen says to what the president of the United States does while in office is ludicrous. John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton used their power to become serial cheaters.

Gary Like, Highland