Letters to the Editor

Aleppo, Syria is Obama’s legacy

Writer Gene Robke takes umbrage with my statement that this country is in a mess since Barack Obama took office. Let me tell you why: the country’s national debt has doubled; our military is at its lowest strength since World War II; our relations with Russia are back to the Cold War days; terrorist threats are at an all-time high; people are being massacred by the thousands everywhere in the world. Our infrastructure has deteriorated to unsafe levels; the average income of middle class Americans is down by $2,500. Our friends no longer trust us, and our enemies do not fear us. North Korea is adding to its nuclear and missile arsenal. China is building up its military strength in the South China Sea, threatening our friends there. Our deficit in the balance of payments is outrageous; American companies are moving overseas in droves. Because of Obamacare, healthcare costs are out of sight. There are more people on welfare than ever before, and due to the large number of new Obama regulations, small companies are having a tough time staying alive. Illegal immigrants are pouring across our borders, and thanks to Obama, Iran, the largest supporter of world terrorism, has more than $150 billion to spend. Heard enough? By the way, General Motors is busy building new factories in China. And where is Obama? Why is he out now trying to establish his legacy? His legacy is Aleppo, Syria, and will be a millstone around his neck forever!

Leon Anderson, Collinsville