Letters to the Editor

Those who vote differently from you aren’t dumb

To Frankie Seaberry, who said a while back that she thought the Electrical College should go away: I wonder if she would feel the same way if it went with her candidate. It’s only because Hillary Clinton lost that she is upset with it.

Jim Walters wants to think that anyone who voted for Donald Trump is dumb, stupid, and all that. I wonder for those who are scholars, those who did well in school got all As, are professors and such, who also voted for Trump, if he would say the same about them, that they are dumb, stupid and all. I wonder if he would be willing to tell them flat out that they must be that.

Just because many did not vote the way you did doesn’t mean they are stupid, or dumb or anything. Jim wants to believe that any one who votes Republican have to be not right, just because they disagree with him.

Lori Felts, Worden