Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on animal rights, politics, and Art on the Square

Speak up for animal rights

This is in regards to horse and carriage rides. Don’t go on carriage rides. Save the horses and protect them. Horses should not be in streets with traffic. They become injured and killed. Stop making money off of the backs of animals. I applaud the people of St. Charles, Mo., protesting against this problem. Where are the rest of the animal rights in St. Louis and Illinois?

Code Red fails on bomb threat

I live in Fairview Heights, and I signed up for Code Red even though a couple of weeks ago our city lost our dispatchers who worked in our police department, which was a stupid move by city administration. Regardless, I find it ridiculous that we live within a few hundred feet of the Best Buy that had the bomb threat and we received no notice. Not a single notice on the Code Red that, hey, there’s a bomb threat within walking distance of your house. I find that ridiculous since, right after the city of O’Fallon took over, we got a call at 5:45am about an accident that had happened nine hours earlier in O’Fallon.

The problem with politics

I’m watching the intelligence hearings on the hacking in front of the Senate. It’s amazing. You have Republicans asking questions trying to find out what really happened. The Democrats aren’t asking questions, just making comments blaming everything on Donald Trump. This hearing is just one example of what we can expect going forward. I am personally sick of it. I’m ready to start voting for any other party unless Democrats and Republicans start working together to get something done.

Figure seems fishy

This is concerning the erroneous claim that the Art on the Square in Belleville brought in $30 million in economic impact to the metro-east area during the three days that it was in session. Let’s do some simple math. That would mean, if each person who attended spent at least $100, you would have to have had 30,000 people attend Art on the Square. Very doubtful. I wonder where they came up with their figures?

Focus on the positive

The citizens of Belleville should not be concerned about all of the banks, businesses and restaurants that are closing or leaving the city. After all, we still have the No. 1 art fair in the nation.

Two words or more

Since Donald Trump got elected, I’ve listened to liberals whining and crying. It’s about time they accepted that they lost and let the rest of us get along with doing the business of the country and business of the people of the United States. I have two words for President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and all of the other liberals who want to block everything for the people: goodbye and good riddance.

See you in April

Regarding Cook getting elected as city clerk because he ran as an independent. So what? The Democrats right now, and I put “right now in quotes,” support the dirty Democrats of St. Clair County. That won’t be for much longer, I hope, as things seem to be turning around in other counties. We just elected a Republican president whom I am proud to say that I voted for. As long as Eckert, Kern, and the Democratic power machine, for however long their little celebration is going to last, enjoy it while you can, because things are about to change. See you in April.

A timely departure

With the mayor of Belleville, I don’t understand what the big deal is about Dallas Cook being on the election board. I guess the mayor is getting scared that this might be his last ride. Also, Fischer’s Restaurant is closing. I wonder what else is going to close? Is Mr. Eckert going to give a lot of tax incentive money to reopen Fischer’s? Or shall we just give it to Lindenwood? What about the brewery on Route 15? I don’t see too much going on with that either. I’ll be relieved when Cook runs because it’s about time that Belleville got a new mayor. It’s time for you to go, Eckert, and your cronies, too.

So much potential

I’m driving through Belleville and looking at a big, nice looking hospital that in the near future is going to be empty. I still do not understand that thinking — moving when you have such a nice building. I’d really like to see the administrators of the city of Belleville, St. Clair County, and the state of Illinois try to get somebody to move into these hospital buildings. Maybe if you look into the military and see if they could open a VA hospital here. For the buildings outside the hospital, some of them could be used by Scott Air Force Base physicians. It would be such a shame to see all that torn down.

Fischer’s aging patrons

As many are, I’m very sorry to hear that Fischer’s is closing. If you’ve gone in there on a regular basis, you can see that their patronage has been aging severely and there were very few times that there were a sizable number of people under 40 or 50. My advice is to gut the whole place and install a casual dining room with a bar. The Dutch Girl would survive; Fischer’s cannot. They’re about to be swallowed up by Lindenwood anyway. If it was my place, I wouldn’t give up the location.

Church gets scrutiny, not crime

I was shocked and surprised when I watched the video of the last Belleville City Council meeting and the alderman grilled for quite a long time an individual who wanted to start a small church. Why is it that they’re that inquisitive on those sorts of things but none of them, along with Eckert who is supposedly independent, have the courage to address the issue of the increasing crime in the city. The paper is full of stories about armed robberies that are happening in the community and nothing from the mayor or the police chief as far as what they’re doing to address the problem. That’s the issue that we need to think about in the voting booth in April.

Diversity for advanced classes

How does the Belleville school district intend on making the advanced placement courses more diverse? If kids are smart enough and meet the requirements now to be in AP, they should be there. If they’re not there, I assume that they don’t meet the requirements. We continue to downgrade the requirements for positions and place more emphasis on students that aren’t performing up to standard rather than placing emphasis on students that are performing to standard or who are in AP because they are exceeding standards.

Headlights on for everyone

Good reminder in the letter to the editor by Mel Hughes. Drivers need to turn their headlights on in fog and rain. Except Mel forgot one thing: it’s the law. Same thing with turning your wipers on in the rain, but people don’t do it. How many times have you seen the police pulling over people who didn’t have their lights on? How many times have you seen the police driving around in the rain without their lights?

Hofbräuhaus update?

I’m curious. What’s the latest update on the Hofbräuhaus? I go by it every day on my way to work. When I look in, I still don’t see the dry wall going up. And you’re going to get that thing in operation by June this year? Not hardly. When are the infrastructures going to start going up out there or road? You’ll have to have a road to get there.