Letters to the Editor

Americans showed Obama what they thought of his policies

You ask writer Lee Pitzer what time it is, and he tells you how his watch works. I asked Pitzer to provide a list of folks he considers to be the “the little people,” and he gives me a definition, again.

Pitzer brags because the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates. Yeah, one quarter of one percent. In the last eight years they have raised interest rates by one half of one percent. Wow! I’m running right out to buy a bunch of those high-interest CDs.

Maybe Pitzer thinks the last eight years have been a utopia, but polls show that almost 70 percent of Americans think Barack Obama has taken this country in the wrong direction. If Obama had been a white Republican and taken all the same actions he had taken, making it difficult for the next Democrat president, I guarantee that Pitzer, Kevin Gagen, Gene Robke, Frankie Seaberry and the rest of those Liberal losers would be screaming their heads off.

No thinking person could really believe that Obama’s actions were noble and fine. They’re more in tune with a small-minded, arrogant, spiteful ratfink who can’t stand losing. Obama said that if he could run again, he would win. Obama also said during the election that his name was not on the ballot, but his policies were. Well, the American people showed what they thought of his policies. Obama is out looking for his legacy. I’ll tell you what his legacy is: Aleppo, Syria, more than 300,000 dead Syrians and millions of refugees.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville