Letters to the Editor

We cannot throw caution to the wind

The New York Times has it all figured out. It offers a solution to the plight of many middle-American towns and communities that have been losing population, leaving homes vacant and school systems dwindling. Since it has been decided for us that we need to welcome the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” why not bring the Syrians and whomever else we are ushering in our doors to these communities? I’ll tell you why not.

I fear that some politicians might actually buy into that as a means of increasing the numbers within the Illinois borders. To suddenly introduce large numbers of immigrant children into schools that are not prepared to address culture and language issues on already tight school district budgets is a scary proposal. In areas where many are underemployed, meaning part-time hours that do not meet the family needs, how can we offer employment to meet their family needs as well? And please do not speak of adding these vast numbers to our Social Security system.

Do not think of me as a heartless person. War torn areas of the world long for our freedoms and comfort. I remind you to look at Germany’s vulnerability now that their borders have been opened to all the world. Now the country is regretting their generous offer, paying for it with lost liberties and lives. In order to preserve America, we cannot throw caution to the wind.

Margaret Godwin Bergmark, Lebanon