Letters to the Editor

A taste of his own medicine

I am pleased that Donald Trump thinks President Barack Obama and others are questioning the legitimacy of his election by investigating Russian hacking and interference. Trump spent the better part of the past six years questioning Obama’s legitimacy as a citizen, his birthplace, his Harvard education and his right to hold the office of president. He’s got nothing coming. Trump deserves no respect because he gives none; he deserves no forgiveness because he does not ask for it, nor does he think he has ever done anything wrong to need it. He may have won the election, but he did so without honor or integrity. A campaign of deliberate deceit, spreading falsehoods, rumors and lies about his opponents, calling people vile names, ginning up hatred for Muslims, Mexicans and refugees, labeling Hillary Clinton a criminal when he himself has cheated and defrauded people all his life cannot suddenly be wiped away with an insincere plea for unity and without an acknowledgment on his part in creating disunity. What a shameful person we have as the president of our country!

James Voelker, Waterloo