Letters to the Editor

If that’s my only mistake, I’m doing pretty good

Well, once again there seems to be an issue with one of my previous letters. (What else is new?) In the letter in question, I pointed out the fact that if all California votes were removed from the equation, Donald Trump won the popular vote in the remaining 49 states, which he did indeed do. That is not the same as saying that Trump won the popular vote in each of the remaining 49 states. I could have sworn that I made that point clear. I guess not. Perhaps I should’ve used the phrase “total popular vote” instead of “accumulative popular vote.” A thousand apologies! If that’s the worst mistake that I make this year, I’m doing pretty good.

Happy New Year, everybody! And, yes, that includes all of you who disagree with me from time to time. Or even all of the time.

Gerard Luebbers, Carlyle