Letters to the Editor

Obama is leaving a mess for Trump

Barack Obama is sure leaving a mess for Donald Trump to fix, and he continues to sabotage the next administration as we speak. We are facing nuclear threats from North Korea and Iraq, Russia (and the rest of the world) thinks the U.S. is weak and unresponsive, debt is out of sight, welfare is the most popular occupation, jobs have left the U.S. by the score, medical insurance and deductibles are out of sight, police officers are being murdered on our streets, ISIS (the JV team) is terrorizing the civilized world, the federal government is obese, and the military has been weakened to an unstable level.

Thank God gays can marry each other and pedophiles are free to use the restroom of their choice, huh? Worry about global warming, but not about nuclear weapon explosions over one or more U.S. cities. Obama (through George Soros) did his best to bring the U.S. to its knees: now it is time to correct the policies of the idiot from Chicago. Obama claimed that he didn’t want to appear to be taking sides on any issue. It seems to me that he has been taking the side of Islamic terror groups all along.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville