Letters to the Editor

Unfair of society to place law enforcement in this position

I turned on the venerable “60 Minutes” magazine show recently. The topic was the general lawlessness today in south and west Chicago. The crew reported that during the week they were in town there had been 55 shootings. These days Chicago is more violent than both Los Angeles and New York combined. Apparently, no longer is Chicago referred to as the Second City. Certainly not when comparing violent crime statistics.

The reporter wanted to know: Why, Chicago? Gangs, broken homes, low police morale and the over-involvement of the American Civil Liberties Union are some of the factors. The reporter inquired quizzically why the documented reports/arrests in Chicago are descending while the shootings/killings are obviously ascending?

It is the general belief that police forces all over America have had to assume a more defensive posture because there is a conscious fear of prosecution for, in the majority of situations, “simply doing their jobs.”

How unfair of society to place law enforcement in this position.

The legal/correctional systems have done unusually poor jobs of sentencing, rehabilitating and deciphering offenders who should be incarcerated indefinitely from those who can potentially be released back into society successfully. Moreover, the ACLU organization and the Black Lives Matter movement generally have their focus in the wrong direction, I believe. Percentage-wise there are very few bad cops, while there are ever-so-many repeat offenders who should realistically never re-enter society again.

Steve Frazier, Belleville