Letters to the Editor

I have chosen to resist them

I was promised a happy and safe world, a world of equality and peace. On TV, the Internet, even my phone, they were always there with benevolent smiles, offering assurances of their protection. I needed to put the beautiful diversity of this world into their hands, they said, as they would always be the defenders of my freedoms. No matter my gender, race, religious beliefs, or sexuality, they promised to be my champion. If I put my trust in them, they swore, together we will make our country a city on a hill, shining in the darkness of this world.

But since I refused they call me a deplorable fool. They call me a hateful fascist, yet in defeat they are showing a fascism that would make the Nazis proud. They are the ones smashing the windows and setting the fires. Their screams are drowning out free speech at our universities. Their protest leaders encourage the assault of counter-protesters. They are the ones calling for violence, for assassination, for a military coup, all in the name of saving America from itself.

These, the ones who begged me to put my life, liberty and happiness into their hands, have shown me that to be their equal means I must conform. That to show tolerance I must condone hate. That to speak with freedom I must be silent. To have peace in this world I must wage war. They call me to join their glorious resistance, not knowing that I’ve already chosen to resist. I have chosen to resist them.

Corinne Hansen, O’Fallon