Letters to the Editor

America has always been great

Please stop saying, “Making America great again”! We have always been great! We have the best Air Force, the best Navy, the best Army, the best Marine Corps and Coast Guard. We never lost a war or a conflict. The politicians are to blame for that!

General Douglas MacArthur wanted to beat the Chinese when we had the Army in Korea. The politicians stopped that. General George Patton wanted to fight the Russians when we had troops in Germany; he was told to stand down.

The war that’s remembered best is Vietnam. That was a bad dream. A lot of brave men died. They would take a whole valley, then politicians would call a truce and give all back only for us to follow orders to recapture it again. 58,000 or more died, and the politicians still refuse to call it a war. I was an American serviceman stationed at Da Nang Air Base; many men were lost. The politicians back home didn’t want us to win.

Please stop saying, “Make American great again.”

We have always been great and always will be great.

Robert Kirkland Jr., O’Fallon