Letters to the Editor

Republicans’ goal was not fixing our economy

As president Barack Obama leaves office, any rational person would conclude that he did a pretty good job, considering the disrespect he received, the mess he inherited and the unprecedented obstruction he endured, compliments of Republicans.

During George W. Bush’s terms the number of illegals in this country increased by 3.5 million. The number now is one million less than it was in 2007.

Yes, the number of unemployed is higher than the unemployment number of 4.6 percent, factories are closed and our poverty rate is high, thanks to the great Republican recession, Republican protection of tax cuts for moving jobs overseas and blocking Obama’s infrastructure jobs bills. Remember, their No. 1 goal was to make Obama a one-term president. Not our economy!

Donald Trump once stated, “All of the problems we have now in the Middle East stem from going into Iraq. It started ISIS. It started Libya. Everything that is happening started with us stupidly going into Iraq.”

It’s true, our national debt doubled during Obama’s terms. Policies of Presidents Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes are responsible for most of our total national debt. Obama didn’t cut taxes, start wars or cause recessions, but he has to pay the bills for those ignorant Republican decisions and spending.

Bush 43 increased government spending 4.6 percent and added 1.7 million government jobs. Obama increased government spending 1.3 percent and reduced government jobs by 503,000. Conservatives can’t do the math on spending!

Gene Robke, Carlyle