Letters to the Editor

St. Clair NGA site just a pipedream

It’s hard to tell if the BND’s recent rehashing of the siting decision for National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s western headquarters indicates a growing groundswell of support for reconsideration or just a pipedream.

The BND article noted that U.S. Rep. Mike Bost advised that it would be a matter of weeks, if not months, before the issue could be brought before the Trump administration. Like on “60 Minutes,” the clock continues to tick. All the land at the North St. Louis site has been procured and contracts being let for fencing, security, and abatement.

Would Donald Trump, the businessman, see value in changing the location this late in the game? This would certainly cause delays, additional costs, and slip the projected 2022 completion date. Our national defense posture would suffer.

Would Donald Trump, the politician, reward a blue state at the expense of a red state that supported his election? Pulling the NGA rug out from under Missouri’s shiny new GOP governor would make for a lousy house-warming gift.

Taking from Peter to pay Paul would potentially cause long-lasting hard feelings on both sides of the river. Humpty Dumpty would never be able to be put back together again at the Missouri site.

To offer a sports analogy – in the National Football League they have instant replay review for controversial calls on the field. Incontrovertible evidence is required to overturn the original call. The NFL doesn’t wait until the commissioner is replaced to change the call.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon