Letters to the Editor

Trump’s report card is an F+

The following items are a report card for the first 15 days of the new administration. All items were taken from various articles in the Feb. 4 Wall Street Journal.

▪ A less than inspiring inauguration address

▪ Huge protests for women’s rights that were also anti-Trump in nature

▪ “My crowd was larger than your crowd,” which required the press briefer to lie

▪ Kellyanne Conway invents a new fact category: “alternative facts.”

▪ The Muslim ban: not staffed through the agencies affected and its implementation was chaotic

▪ Two government agencies disagreed as to the number of visas revoked. One said it was 60,000 the other said 100,000.

▪ It was now necessary to clarify the roles of senior staff to avoid further confusion.

▪ Harangue and insult the leader of our old ally, the prime minister of Australia.

▪ The Iranians fire off an intermediate range missile, which brings our threat of sanctions.

▪ A meeting with the president of Mexico in the White House, is canceled because of disagreement over “the wall.”

▪ A scheduled, unannounced meeting with Harley Davidson corporate officers has to be moved from Milwaukee to D.C. because of planned protests.

▪ A Donald Trump approved military raid into Yemen is a debacle with a Seal killed, six military wounded, civilians killed and an expensive aircraft destroyed.

▪ A federal judge in Washington state places a temporary restraining order on implementation of the Muslim ban.

We have only three years and 350 days to go. The report card is an F+, as he did not get us in a war ... yet.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon