Letters to the Editor

Don’t pollute our great city with your negativism

Pete Hill continues, in his Feb. 8 letter, to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. If he would put this energy into uncovering the problems O’Fallon faces then he wouldn’t have the time to bash other communities.

O’Fallon was just cited by the Attorney General’s office for a violation of the open meetings act. Also, the city clerk incorrectly calculated the number of petitions needed, which could cause the treasurer to be thrown off the ballot. And O’Fallon lost the Mayfest & Strange Folk Festival because of lack of support by the city.

Regarding our city hall renovations, the mayor was hoping the aging boiler would have a longer life. He purposely tried to keep this out of the estimate. Several aldermen were adamant that we reconsider the aging boiler, reasoning that we can’t predict its lifespan. Let’s replace it while the renovations are going on. After the boiler was inspected it was determined the system was in a precarious position. City hall has to be made ADA compliant. Also, asbestos was included in the initial estimate.

The Hofbrauhaus is alive & well, and I am in constant contact with the developer. Do I detect a note of jealously that O’Fallon couldn’t steal this project from Belleville? Belleville is also partnering with SWIDA to re-energize the Meredith Home. They are working to get this building in the historic archives.

If Hill’s so mesmerized by what’s going on in Belleville maybe he should move back and run for city council. On second thought, please don’t move to Belleville. We don’t want his negativism polluting our great city.

Roger Wigginton, Alderman 8th Ward, City of Belleville