Letters to the Editor

Maybe man can’t stop the End of Days

This is Rudy Giuliani. New Yorkers will tell you that man was straight-up Gov. George Wallace racist. Funny, this man with some other secret racists, may get Donald Trump impeached faster than he thinks. True, Democrats shall suffer for ignoring while in power through him.

But Harry Reid, Newt Gingrich, and this man are worse than 10,000 gays because they would praise God for cruelty to non-Americans. Justify hurting the poorest, blame lack on adequate Democrats, and say it’s OK for Jews to expand, but not China & Russia ain’t no hallmarks of civility. It’s partisanship.

These traits gave cause for an Obama, and now Trump is turning our society right back into it ... faster than fast. Maybe there is nothing man can do to stop the End of Days, after all. Trump needs friends who can show some love like they want minorities to do for their confederate folk.

Derwin Wince, Cahokia