Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on cartoon, Trump, township

McCoy cartoon misses mark

The Glenn McCoy cartoon about Betsy DeVos is way off-base. Privatizing the United States school system isn’t a good idea. Look at the federal prison education system.

Three flight delays, I’m done

Three out of four times that I’ve flown out of Mid-America to Florida on Allegiant Air, I have been delayed due to mechanical problems. Never again, I’m done. Taxpayers should be up-in-arms about an airport with one airline that can’t be counted on. What a waste of time and resources. Mid-America, get out.

Shop Swansea only

Why does the Village of Swansea transit van take Swansea citizens shopping in Belleville? It’s paid for by the taxpayers in Swansea and they should do their shopping in Swansea.

Lace up boots, Skip Kernan

Here is a suggestion for St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner Skip Kernan, put on some boots and get out on the roads to see what the work is like yourself. I can tell you from personal experience that for the past 50 years in the township, except for the last four, the highway commissioner operated the backhoe, cut grass and drove the snow plow. All you do is parade around in your golf outfit announcing how you’re serving the people.

Trustees pay too high

The Washington Park trustees should not be paid more than $75 a month, which is the normal amount for villages that size across the state. No wonder they’re broke.

Drain the Belleville swamp

Jennifer Gaines, who is running for city clerk, is the same lady who used to be the head of housing for Belleville, then went to a county job, then returned to the city of Belleville to work at the firehouse. She’s another political crony from the Belleville swamp. We need new people and ideas.

How did kids get guns?

Thank you to the Fairview Heights police who caught the two 14-year-olds who, allegedly, shot the 21-year-old drug dealer. How did these alleged shooter’s parents not know that their children had handguns?

Illinois 158 demise hurts

I think it is a shame that a few loud mouth complainers managed to shut down the construction of the Gateway Connector that would have benefited millions of drivers. Our traffic situation is sad. We need more roads and highways, not less. There were people against building the interstate system, but look at the good that has done for the country.

Leash the kitties

I live in Swansea near the firehouse and people let their cats wander free at all hours of the day. I understand that cats can get out, but if you choose to have an animal, take care of it. It’s unfortunate that there are no leash laws in regards to cats.

Bobcat massacre

The number of bobcats that were trapped and killed the first year of their availability under hunting laws was a disgrace. Bobcat fur is not that valuable. People just kill to kill. It’s terrible.

Leave Trump kids out of it

I changed my party affiliation because I do not agree with the embarrassing tactics of the current Democratic Party. Since party leaders couldn’t strike directly at President Donald Trump, they went after his children. They have no shame.

No dimes for thugs

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters and Cory Booker lead the party of riots, hate, and lies. I have been a Democrat for 52 years and was taught that Democrats stood for the working person. The leaders of the party now have so much hate in them to encourage followers to rioting and the disruption of our great country. I am done with this party nor will I give another dime to thugs.

Teacher pensions are tip of ice berg

The ages of state retirees should be examined, across the board. I have a family member who retired from the state at 55, draws benefits, gets 3 percent cost of living increases, has full insurance that is paid for. Maybe we should back off of teachers and look at other state retirees.

Twilight zoning

Why does the village of Freeburg allow businesses to locate in residential areas when it is against zoning laws?

Making America great again

President Donald Trump is rounding up illegal immigrants who have committed crimes and is deporting them. What are people complaining about? Why should we keep them here in sanctuary cities, give them jobs and welfare? These are undocumented criminals.

Dumping on Trump

Leonard Pitts’ article on Wednesday about President Donald Trump was so full of hate. I question his sanity.

I’d buy that for a dollar

Mayor Eckert sold a building to Lindenwood for one dollar. Taxpayer money was wasted. Now he wants to buy land around the school for millions of dollars with taxpayer money. We need to get rid of Eckert.

Get Eckert out

Mayor Eckert is running for office again and he’s passing out his performance pamphlets. How does he think that Belleville is moving forward? It looks like Belleville is moving backwards as businesses are relocating and people are leaving because of rising taxes and crooked politicians. Belleville needs a new mayor.

High taxes are old news

The mayor of Mascoutah has announced that taxes are too high. He has said that since he got into office. I’m fed up with him.

Belleville wrestlers buried

The BND had a Highland wrestler on the front page who went to state. There were four wrestlers from Belleville who also went to state but they were mentioned on the second or third page. I think the Belleville wrestlers should have made the front page.

Nepotism in Belleville

I read Belleville Fire Department’s Facebook post about the recent hire of a probationary firefighter who is the son of the current fire captain. Nepotism is alive and well in Belleville.

Lester Byrd passed over

On the death of St. Clair County Board member Dixie Seibert, why was she elected to office if she was unable to serve? If I was Lester Byrd, I would be wondering why I wasn’t in her place. Was she a safe bet or was it because Byrd is a black man?

Belief makes it true

In response to Michael Sweeney’s letter concerning “if you believe something when you say it, is it really a lie?” I understand his point, but to use Obama’s line “If you like your insurance, then you can keep it” is a bit of a stretch. He and the writers knew that a lie when he said it.

Corrupt leading the corrupt

I’d like to know why Bob Romanik touts himself as the head of the Freedom Coalition to rid St. Clair County of corruption? Five of the people he went on the record saying that he paid were convicted of voter fraud in East St. Louis in 2016. He paid $8,200 to Oliver Hamilton who just pleaded guilty to fraud in East St. Louis township. He has no credibility as far as ridding St. Clair County of corruption.

Bishop causes mass exodus

I will not attend Bishop Braxton’s speech on Black Lives Matter. I’ve been a Catholic for 50 years and never have I have ever met a priest who is so arrogant. I leave when he steps up to offer Mass and so do many others. God save the Belleville diocese.

Not my pocket book

Letter to the editor writer Paul Sullivan is supporting the 1 percent sales tax increase. Though he works for St. Clair County, he does not live in St. Clair County. It is easy to support a tax on somebody else.