Letters to the Editor

Don’t a few bad apples ruin your faith

In the Feb. 2 BND was an opinion about the blind trust of law enforcement. It said not to do so, have that blind trust. I disagree. We have to have a degree of blind trust to allow law enforcement to do their jobs. If there is no trust then no one would stop when being pulled over, no one would help another for fear of the police doing nothing about it, no one would ever allow themselves to feel protected to some degree if there is no trust.

Just because there are a few bad apples that the press likes to write about doesn’t mean the rest of the law enforcement community is nothing but honorable and with the integrity commensurate with the job. Police are people with positions of authority and must control themselves to make sound decisions at the worst of times and face scrutiny for those decisions. Don’t let those few bad apples ruin your faith in an honorable occupation where they ask nothing in return for their sacrifices but your trust.

John Bauer, New Baden