Letters to the Editor

I accept your choice, but will pray for you

It is not my habit to write a letter to be placed in the newspaper, but Jim Walters’ letter has inspired me to do so.

Jim, I do not know why you are angry with God, whether something happened in your past or something more recent, but it is your choice to do so. God gave us a free will to accept or reject the Bible and its teachings. If the total world was Christian and lived the new covenant that Jesus Christ brought to this world, most of the things you mentioned in your letter would not happen or exist. Unfortunately that is not the case; therefore, we must live for the time in a world that is not perfect and deal with all the problems you mentioned. I am not upset with you, Jim. You have a right and a free will to choose your eternity, your god, and reject the teachings of the Bible, so instead of degrading you for your belief, I am going to include you in my prayers and encourage all Christians to do the same.

Donald A. Parsons, O’Fallon