Letters to the Editor

Pea-sized minds are their own worst enemies

Since supporters of the Electoral College continuously remind us that our government is a republic and not a democracy, thus making it justifiable for 538 out of millions of people to elect our top leader, I suggest these same supporters insist our government stop demanding other countries have democratic elections of one man, one vote, and let them also have a few people choose their leaders.

These Electoral College supporters, most Trumpites, boast that the smaller states banded together to have a voice, so that larger states like New York and California couldn’t void their votes. What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they know California and New York are part of the United States, and that its voters are not foreigners? Actually, they’re some of the most enlightened voters.

Maybe citizens from smaller states have pea-sized minds to match their puny states. Why else would they elect an egomaniac who believes he alone has all the sense, a peace disturber who starts a fight with our allies, a warmonger who can’t wait to send your children to fight North Korea and Iran?

Pea-sized minds are their own worst enemies. They may be as poor as church mice, but they refuse to support women having equal pay with men and decent wages for all workers. They’re against affordable health care even when they desperately need insurance themselves.

By the way, “Trumpite” is a bit too classy. The new name is “Trumpkin,” which rhymes with “pumpkin.”

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville