Letters to the Editor

There is no respect between either party

The personality and mindset that will allow people to do jobs that would cause me to lose my mind if I had to do them may be a personality that will have those people vote for a different candidate than I do in the election. If I don’t want to be around those people, whom will I get to do the jobs I need done that I don’t want to do? I’ll never be able to completely isolate myself from them.

Each political party seems to represent a different set of ideals and opinions, but to me something seems to have been lost in this country. The division between Republicans and Democrats seems to be getting wider and wider. There doesn’t seem to be any respect between the two and neither side holds any value or sees any purpose for the other.

There is no denying it takes every kind of person to make production, commerce, the economy and this country thrive and survive.

We will always be near or work with people who think differently than we do, but if we make them change it may prevent them from being able to help us.

We are not all able to do heavy lifting or do repetitive motion to work on an assembly line or make complex economic decisions. We’ve all heard it said that college isn’t for everybody.

We don’t all think or act alike.

We can’t all think like generals but we can’t all think like privates either.

Brad Sewell, Collinsville