Letters to the Editor

We need to start acting like adults

I just read an article describing how Tiffany Trump was “shunned” by magazine editors at a fashion show. How immature are these people? It’s time people started acting like adults, not third graders. What does disrespecting Ms. Trump prove? These are the people that are always saying they want “inclusion” of all people.

While I don’t always agree with Whoopi Goldberg, I applaud her offer to sit with Ms. Trump at future fashion shows. (Maybe she is the adult in the group?)

While we may not agree with all of President Donald Trump’s actions, he is the president and should be treated as such. There needs to be a lot more civility demonstrated. You can disagree without the rancor and nastiness that is demonstrated every day and the attacks on his family. How would you feel if this happened to your family on a daily basis?

Doris Carthy, Belleville