Letters to the Editor

There are better ways than the oil pipeline

On Feb. 1, there was an article in your paper about how oil pipelines are good for the environment. I have to disagree with that. Those poor Native Americans who are out protesting in sub-zero weather are trying to save their lives. But we just keep ignoring them like we’ve been doing for decades.

There’s a very good chance that there could be a massive oil spill underground. And have you asked yourselves who is going to clean it up when we no longer have an Environmental Protection Agency? At risk is the Ogallala Aquifer, a huge underground reservoir that is under eight states. This reservoir provides drinking water, as well as water used for agriculture, to those eight states. Think about what a catastrophe it would be if that were contaminated.

Donald Trump professes to care about our security, while destroying us with his refusal to acknowledge “climate change.” It would be so much more economical for us and improve the environment to convert to clean energy, but I guess that wouldn’t put more money in his coffers and those of his billionaire friends and their stock portfolios. He’s determined to destroy us to further enrich his billionaire friends.

Rita Cooper, O’Fallon