Letters to the Editor

How to stop terrorism

In light of the executive order from President Donald Trump, there has been an ongoing discussion on if this makes the United States safer and if it represents American values. Trump assures the American public that his travel ban was put in place to secure the safety of our nation. The question at hand is whether that is true, and whether it is worth it.

The truth is that this ban is extremely controversial and may or may not be effective. There may be a different solution to our nation’s safety. Foreign aid has been proven to help increase global safety and this translates to our nation as well. Reducing global poverty gives potential terrorists hope and therefore reduces the likelihood of radicalization. Leaving vulnerable people in an unsustainable situation is dangerous and should be addressed. The answer to the question of safety does (not seem) to be exclusion. It can be about healing and about sustainable aid to those who need it most.

Madison Ratay, The Borgen Project