Letters to the Editor

We need to lead our leaders

While I am writing this, I expect it will be basically ignored as the suggestions of others are. But I think it’s long past time for armchair quarterbacks to stop criticizing the politics of our nation as the only act of citizenship of which they are capable.

I am not a good example, but I finally realized that letters to our president, our congressman and senators work much better. No, they don’t personally read them, but someone one their staff does and keeps track of what the public is concerned about. We saw it happen last week.

Try to remember that if we the people lead, our leaders will follow. Otherwise they will be influenced by paid lobbyists in possession of special interests on one side or the other. They have a stranglehold because they provide the money for election and re-election. Term limits are in our hands. But it will mean that Congress should limit private or corporate funding and that the elections should be funded only by government grants paid for by our checking the $1 contribution on our tax returns.

In 2016, only 53.3 percent of us voted. If half were Republicans and half Democrats (disregard the others), it means that what we end up with is rule by 26.5 percent of citizens. Sound good? It’s not. Most candidates know less than us, and this is why it leads to gridlock.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville