Letters to the Editor

They’re not the only ones

To read writer Kevin Gagen’s last letter he would lead you to believe that all Republican writers to this forum are guilty of character assassination, defy sensibility and cast insults and untruths while so-called progressives are paragons of virtue who only speak the truth and never engage in character assassination. I will use Gagen’s words – BS.

I guess Gagen never reads the letters by his fellow liberals. These liberals have used my name at times, and they certainly are not complimentary. That’s OK, I’m a big boy; I can handle them. I can instantly think of two liberal writers who denigrate anyone who disagrees with them. Lee Pitzer, whose letters appear almost daily in this forum, calls anyone who supported President Donald Trump uninformed, ignorant, stupid, uneducated and lazy. They are “little people.” The second one is Jim Walters, another dyed-in-the-wool liberal. No one on either side of the political spectrum uses the hateful, loathsome, obnoxious and heinous language that pours from Walters’ pen. I’m sure other writers can find examples of liberal perfidious rhetoric. I encourage you to participate.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville