Letters to the Editor

They should be looking for ways to save money

“You have to fight crime and invest in our children” was a quote in the BND. It was spoken by the St. Clair County state’s attorney and “taskmaster” of the committee created to push for another tax increase. The tax increase is wanted to boost the schools and police. The committee will sweet-talk the taxpayer to provide the revenue. How much revenue? Two 1-cent increases will show up on the ballot in April. If the voter approves it, $22 million will be given to two groups annually for 12 years. If you are military and you expect your life to move on to another town, don’t leave this 12-year albatross on our backs.

Our sales taxes are already ridiculously high. Our property taxes are unbearable. It is all for the schools and it is not enough. They think they can sell you by saying the sales tax increase will make it so they can lower property taxes. It’s a lie to get you on board. Just say no. Always say no. They need to quit putting their hands in our pockets and looking for more revenue. They should be looking for ways to save us money instead of the pathetic begging.

This town will attempt a fleecing of every citizen for money. Mr. Taskmaster, if you can’t look at us and say thank you, don’t say anything at all. A pickpocket can’t look you in the eye, either.

Nikki Edwards, O’Fallon