Letters to the Editor

I have some proposals

In response to your editorial and proposal on the two sales tax referendums, I propose: 1. Chairman Mark Kern and the 29 county board members sign a no tax increase pledge and no additional financial support for the airport. 2. Since St. Louis won federal funds for expanding cargo operations that Kern fire all consultants. 3. Kern sign a notarized letter stating no funds will be granted to the East St. Louis election board. 4. The county clerk signs a notarized letter that no county precinct ballots will be counted until all ballots are in and verified from East St. Louis. 5. All jobs for the county be posted and advertised in the BND for full and equal competition and no hiring of cronies. 6. The sheriff will provide his request for proposal for upgrading the county jail using the design-build concept with full and open competition. 7. Kern will submit to the BND his line item budget for the anticipated revenue and what each law enforcement agency will receive in return. 8. The sheriff will provide a line item budget for the anticipated revenue for hiring additional deputies and court security officers and equipment. 9. The school boards will sign a notarized pledge that property tax rates will not be increased for 12 years. 10. That Oliver Hamilton will not be given county work or a county job upon release from the federal pen.

Phil Henning, Smithton