Letters to the Editor

Drain the St. Clair Democratic sewer

Are St. Clair Country taxpayers ready to scream “Uncle” on taxes yet? One thing’s certain, since the November elections, all the big-spending Democrats have given you are tax increases and more tax increases. Got to pay-off their political buddies.

I’m all for better schools, supporting law enforcement, and other local services. If Mark Kern didn’t waste $10 million a year on a failed airport, or waste tens of thousands funding unnecessary townships and boards of election, or when schools always find money for teacher and superintendent raises but never for building maintenance, our politicians wouldn’t be desperate for more taxes. I question the need for any tax increases.

The Debtocrats have sufficient funding to meet all county taxpayers’ needs. They’re just not capable of spending your tax money wisely. If the St. Clair County Debtocrats get their way, you will soon be paying 10 to 11 percent sales tax on most of your purchases. That includes gasoline purchases! Will you feel like leaving your restaurant server a 15 percent tip on top of 11 percent sales tax? I’ll be leaving a 5 percent tip with a note saying, “Kern is spending the rest of you tip.”

Add together the recently passed property tax increases, Kern’s proposed sales tax increases, the soon to come Illinois State tax increase. Your 3 percent annual raise won’t come close to covering the Democratic tax increases. Time to drain the St. Clair County Democratic political sewer!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon