Letters to the Editor

President Trump keeps his promises

President Donald Trump provides sorely needed leadership. To set America on course, he signed 12 executive orders during his first week. Executive orders lawfully direct members of the executive branch. Trump begins to “turn the rig around” from disaster.

His actions show he is a man of his word. From day one he implemented campaign promises. For example, Trump signed orders to make America safe again. He ordered extreme vetting and the temporary cessation of all immigration from seven radical Islamic terrorist hot spots: Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan. When former President Barack Obama’s appointee, Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, defied him, he fired her. Trump puts America first and he knows American lives matter.

President Trump also sets the groundwork to make America work again. For example, he signed orders to help small business thrive by reducing regulations and reduce impediments to building factories in the U.S. These directives coupled with orders to repeal and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Trans Pacific Partnership serve to bring jobs back to America. In addition, Trump’s executive orders to move ahead on the Keystone XL and Dakota Pipelines champion America’s Union jobs and American energy independence. Thankfully, Trump isn’t politically correct. He’s a leader that isn’t afraid to make a decision or to keep his promises.

Philip W. Chapman, Highland