Letters to the Editor

President Trump is proof that results matter

The old axiom, “the proof is in the pudding,” has served humanity for centuries as a litmus test for validity. The meaning of the phrase is generally accepted to be “evidence that demonstrates the truth.” A useful tool to focus blame on the left for the damage done by their destructive agenda that produced unmanageable debt, rising crime and exposed our homeland to Islamic terror.

The narrative promoting the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as low-cost health care is false. ACA is a high-cost insurance mandate with tax penalties and high deductibles that restrict access to benefits. Americans who had affordable health insurance were forced into high-cost ACA to subsidize welfare recipients. The net result of this debacle is fewer people have access to healthcare even though they are required to pay for expensive health insurance. A huge factor in the recent election results.

In the rational minds of we the people, there is a disconnect between actions at all levels of government and common sense. Some we elect to represent us are motivated to serve the public as their patriotic duty; but many serve only themselves. The perks of a career incumbency, the inside information for wealth, the benefits and the lavish pensions drive them to stop at nothing to keep the best job they ever had. Better results will come when this self-serving, overfed government monster is forced to stop subsidizing special interests that vote for a living. President Donald Trump is proof that results matter.

Ron Davinroy, O’Fallon