Letters to the Editor

Disgusted BND ran McCoy’s DeVos cartoon

I write to express my disgust with your choice to publish Glenn McCoy’s tribute to the fragility of White womanhood in his “Trashing Betsy DeVos” cartoon. It’s not enough for McCoy to plagiarize Norman Rockwell’s famous painting of 6-year-old black student Ruby Bridges surrounded by federal marshals as she attempted to desegregate New Orleans schools in 1960. Bridges was in danger because she was black and surrounded by racists. Her story is compelling, and Rockwell’s image is deservedly iconic. McCoy doubles down on his theft of Rockwell’s work with a hefty dose of denial of both history and the present. DeVos is a vapid billionaire who bought her appointment. She has destroyed public education in Michigan. Opposition is based on her stunning lack of qualifications, not on her politics. She is neither fragile nor vulnerable, and she is certainly not any kind of victim.

Gabrielle Halko, Philadelphia, Pa.