Letters to the Editor

The Church, clergy have been led astray

The Church has been led astray, from its mission to save souls, your soul and any and every other person in the world; that is the true mission of the Church and your challenge from God.

The present hierarchy of the Church is of the world are secularist, pure and simple, and have embraced the world and drifted far from God, but that will come at great cost to them and those that believe them.

The world has infiltrated the highest levels of the Church and to the point those in authority no longer have an informed moral compass to guide them; they prefer the admiration of the world.

The secularists do not believe there is sin, and as the result they have wrought havoc on the faithful. The damage done over the past three years will be answered for, and the clergy who preach, ‘who am I to judge,’ are correct to a point; you cannot judge the person, but in order for you to carry out Christ’s mission you must judge their action.

If you fail to tell the person, you are guilty as well. That is not mercy; that is stupidity. Lose your salvation because you followed the secularist clergy to your reward. God’s justice extends in a most real way to those who abuse His mercy.

Lee Harris, Belleville