Letters to the Editor

Get off your throne and get a grip

In contrast to the German bishops who want to open the way to communion for divorced Catholics, Catholic Cardinal Gerhard Muller, who heads the Vatican’s office for the Doctrine of the Faith, said divorced and remarried couples must live in continence, as brother and sister, if they want to receive communion at mass and this teaching cannot change – not by a pope, an angel, a council of bishops, “no power on heaven or on Earth.”

Where is heaven? What/who is God? I do know some men, primarily priests, think they are God or at least speak for God. Really? Do you know anything about quantum theology? Do you know this earth and its inhabitants are probably smaller than an atom in the large scale of the universes? I realize we have to deal with ourselves where we are; however, look around at this beautiful, diverse earth with inhabitants of every color, culture, sexual orientation and visions for expanded evolution.

Why are you so obsessed with sex? Don’t you know sex is a beautiful part of the whole of our lives and life and not the only thing?

Have you/we learned nothing from the myriad of information available to most of the inhabitants on this earth?

Don’t you know sacraments should be the celebration of a life well lived and not doled out by you as punishment or reward?

Do you know what originalism is? Well, we have come a long way, baby. Get off your throne and get a grip.

Anne Harter, Belleville