Letters to the Editor

There is no more money

The statements by Dan Montgomery, president of the IFT teachers union, are a perfect illustration of why we are in this budget mess. He says we’ve had budgets for 198 of the 200 years Illinois has been a state, but Mr. Montgomery, we are now $130 billion in debt for pensions of government employees and owe billions in vendor invoices. We are now dead last in financial stability in the nation. The Democrats raised the income tax a few years ago and yet failed to reduce any debt. Just how much are the taxpayers supposed to pay? Poor people pay property tax as well, either through increased rents or on their own property. East St. Louis has the highest property tax rate in the county and probably even in the nation. Mr. Montgomery, there is no more money. The old canard that the “rich are not paying their fair share” is tired and worn. Companies and workers are leaving Illinois in droves. If you want empty classrooms, then just keep it up. You’ll get your wish.

Phil Henning, Smithton