Letters to the Editor

You have a right to defend yourself

I agree somewhat with letter writer Tom Matzen when he stated that some writers to the BND “do nothing more than insult each other.” He also states that letters shouldn’t be published if they “mention the name of a previous letter writer” or “references a previously published letter.”

When someone verbally attacks you in this forum, you have the right to defend yourself and the facts contained within your letter. It is also reasonable to hold a writer accountable when they severely distort the truth and/or flat out lie.

Finally, when writers say that anonymous Sound-off comments are made by cowards, that’s a cheap shot. In this heavily Democrat region, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that you may suffer retribution after using your name to point out the actions of corrupt local Democrats, or by expressing your support for our next president Donald Trump. If your boss or neighbor happens to be one of those unreasonable, seething, whining, crybaby Democrats, you could lose your job and/or be the recipient of a slashed tire or two, or even worse, physical violence. Democrats have demonstrated since the presidential election that they are that bitter, revengeful and sadistic.

Gary Like, Highland