Letters to the Editor

A huge disservice to Southern Illinois

In my opinion former U.S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton did a huge disservice to the people of Southern Illinois when he sealed from public view, 17 (known) Rule 35 Proffer pleas associated with the Michael Cook/Joe Christ case. To you and me that means there are 17 individuals walking around among us, many in public office, that admitted wrongdoing, provided information and avoided prosecution. What information they actually provided was never disclosed. “In the simplest terms and most convenient definitions” I hope Donald Trump appoints someone willing to force the government to disclose who these people are and in what capacity they might impact the lives of everyday citizens in St. Clair County and all of Southern Illinois. In writing this I urge Trump to get going and appoint a U.S. Attorney willing to let us know who these individuals are, on the taxpayers dime, that walk around among us. Especially, and in particular, if they are wearing one of those black robes.

Brad VanHoose, Belleville