Letters to the Editor

Bost is silent, avoiding constituents

I have tried to contact Representative Mike Bost (R 12IL) four times since November to find out his position on the future of Medicare. In November, I did get to talk to one of his aides who did not know Rep. Bost’s position but took my contact information and said someone would get back to me. I have since sent two emails and left a voice mail at his Belleville office. I have received no information. I am getting the feeling he is avoiding any contact with constituents at all. No town hall meetings are scheduled during the House recess Feb. 20 to 28. He is only meeting with businessmen.

I would like to know his position on the future of Medicare. Since House Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to privatize Medicare I want to know what Rep. Bost is going to do to protect Medicare. Maybe a reporter from the Belleville Democrat can find out.

Terry Callahan, O’Fallon