Letters to the Editor

Don’t re-elect Lemansky for Caseyville Township

The Caseyville Township election is coming up, and the people of the township need to know about one of its trustees. During negotiations to lower the amount of a tap-in fee for a newly built home for cerebral palsy residents, Jim Lemansky said on several occasions, “I would not want those type of people living next door to me.”

Those comments did not help the Caseyville Township sewer system during the tap-in fee negotiations. The fee was reduced from a commercial tap-in to a residential tap-in. An out-of-court settlement for Lemansky’s discriminating comments cost the township $60,000. During Lemansky’s time as trustee, he has had two grievances filed against him for creating a hostile work environment for the employees of Caseyville Township. Caseyville Township will be better served if Lemansky is not re-elected.

Claude T. Cable, Fairview Heights