Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound-off on McCoy cartoon, school priorities, Dallas Cook

Betsy DeVos toon disgusting

The comic comparing Betsy DeVos to Ruby Bridges is absolutely disgusting. DeVos has lived a life of privilege and will never understand the courage of a 6-year-old walking into that school. I’m so very disappointed that anyone in our country would find the two even remotely similar.

Anger proves toon’s point

With regards to Glenn McCoy’s cartoon about Betsy DeVos, I think the extremity of the response tends to prove his point. Instead of dialogue today, we get hate and anger. I commend the Belleville News-Democrat for supporting diversity of opinion.

ABC’s before hoops

Joseph Arthur Middle School teachers are under fire for submitting district requested academic eligibility lists. A group of parents are slandering teachers because the boys basketball team got 4th place at state. Several players were ineligible and the parents did not understand. The district has wavered several times on enforcing policy but this time they held their ground despite accusations of unfairness, bullying and racism. What kind of parent puts a child’s sport success before their academic progress and responsibility? This is why we have athletes who cannot understand repercussions at the collegiate level. Let’s get our priorities straight.

Stylists aren’t social workers

The recent legislation allowing hairdressers to take a one-hour course in domestic violence is a violation of our civil liberties. Most people have to get a four-year degree in social work before getting involved in that type of work. This is an intrusive and sad piece of legislation.

Bogus MidAmerica bonus

The bonus for the head of the MidAmerica Airport is outrageous. The building commission is so corrupt.

Alderman full of hops

Alderman Roger Wigginton’s letter to the editor says that the Hofbräuhaus is alive and well. Then why is it taking so long to complete? Something is messed up out there. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. Everything that Wigginton does is backwards. He’s full of hops as far as the Hofbräuhaus project goes.

Tax panacea

I am retired and would be happy to pay taxes on my retirement if I thought it was going to be used for something other than a pension deficit. I didn’t get to retire at 59 with a full pension and health care benefits. For three years after retiring I didn’t get a raise. This year it will be .03 percent, not 3 percent. Once Illinois starts taxing me there will be no end. You want 5 percent. Will it ever go down when they get the deficit under control? They haven’t gotten it under control in decades. Why does this state only see one fix for their problems? Taxes. I always enjoy your editorials but not this one.

Cut County Board perks

St. Clair County wants a 1 percent tax for school facilities and a 1 percent tax for public safety. Belleville wants to raise real estate taxes, too. How about doing away with the $570,000 for County Board Members working a part-time job, getting a pension and great insurance?

Car wreck over sex offender?

Fairview Heights should have enacted a Code Red to keep residents looking for a convicted sex offender wanted for another crime. Residents found out about it six days later. Where was the Code Red on this? When a registered sex offender is non-compliant where we live, I believe it is more important that being awakened in the early morning for an hours old car wreck in O’Fallon. Bring back Fairview’s 911 dispatchers.

Cook paid to campaign?

Does Dallas Cook ever work? I drive by the Belleville City Clerk’s office all the time. You know what I never see? Dallas Cook’s car. The taxpayers pay him $70,218 a year. The election is in 57 days. He will be paid $10,196 in that time. He promised to knock on every door in Belleville. That consists of 35 precincts and it takes roughly 8-12 hours to walk every precinct. The only way to keep that campaign promise is to campaign during work hours. This guy wants to be mayor? Show up to work for a change.

Cook alliance with Romanik

It’s sad that Dallas “Crook” and his cronies got in bed with Bob Romanik — the racist, profanity spewing shock jock. Does anyone believe a word uttered by this convicted felon? Romanik brags about lying under oath hundreds of times to a federal grand jury. Dallas regularly appears on this show while Romanik refers to African Americans in our community by the N-word? What a laughingstock.

Vote on health care

Whether you call it the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, it’s the same thing. Mike Bost wants to dismantle it, but he has not shown anyone the replacement plan. Why not compare the two policies side by side and let the people vote on which they want?

Bost dialogue between elections

#whereisMikeBost? People are worried about their health care, civil rights and physical safety. In the absence of solid information, fear and anxiety will build to anger and that anger will manifest itself. Our elected representatives could at least schedule town hall meetings to hear some of these concerns and offer some kind of information. When I asked about scheduling a town hall, I was told by Mike Bost’s office that “he scheduled 12 when first elected.” He should speak to us at more than just election time. The time to be a statesman is now, Congressman Bost.

Democrats empty out Illinois

The Democratic party has been destructive to the country. Maybe voters in Illinois should come to the same conclusion. Businesses and people are leaving the state. The tax base is fleeing. Get the crooked Mike Madigan and other Democrats out of power.

Where are Illinois’ adults

I’m frustrated at the way Democrats are acting within Illinois and on the national stage. In Illinois, no one can sit down together like adults and figure out the budget. Democrats are threatening to stop state employees’ pay. Temper tantrums aren’t going to fix Illinois. In the federal government, Democrats are threatening to withhold federal tax returns if they don’t get what they want. They’re still so upset about Trump becoming president. All it’s doing is hurting the American people.

Immigrant help beats resettling

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies found that the U.S. could help 12 refugees in safe zones in the Middle East for the same cost as resettling one in the United States. Wouldn’t it be smarter to do this than to bring them to the USA?

Good cop, bad cop

About John Bower’s letter about don’t let “a few bad apples” ruin your faith in the police: According to him, the press is giving police a bad name because of the poor enforcement officers they choose to write about. Police threaten, coerce, and do many things that they’re not supposed to do. The ones who think they get away with something, I don’t care if it was yesterday or 15 years ago, I would definitely write a story on them.


In the letters to the editor, the writer thought that Donald Trump should keep on tweeting. I agree that no one puts the twit in Twitter quite like he does.

News and commentary

There’s news and then there’s commentary. Where Trump doesn’t like the commentary, he calls it “fake news.” Keep that distinction straight, your ignorance is showing.

Impeachments for all

Jim Walters wants to impeach President Donald Trump in 2017. I think we should impeach Jim Walters from the BND.

Kids before bishop

It has been reported that local Catholic schools are closing because of a lack of funding and students aren’t attending like they used to. The high rate of tuition is being blamed. If the Catholic hierarchy didn’t have to live like royalty, they could keep schools open for decades. Just look at the Bishop of Belleville’s expense report from when he moved into his new living quarters. Just for the record, I am not a Catholic.