Letters to the Editor

Really, Mike Bost? Really?

This past week (Jan. 29 - Feb. 5), Our 12th District Representative Mike Bost took two “no” votes that represent his ideology as our congressman. First vote was to overturn an environmental rule that he claims hurts coal jobs. The Stream Buffer Rule requires a 100-foot safety zone between nearby streams from mine run-offs, which Bost claims is a non-issue. The jobs that are being threatened are ones that are eliminated by technology – advanced equipment for coal removal. Surface mining does hurt streams as well as the people in the areas by polluting their well water supplies. The second “no” vote Bost took was a rule to keep guns away from the mentally ill. People that have disabilities so bad they can’t run their own finances. I can’t say whether Bost is really looking out for us or just being another Republican puppet in Congress taking lobbyist monies for votes. I questioned Bost awhile back during the campaign. He used a video from Carly Fiorina and stretched the truth that baby parts were being sold by Planned Parenthood. The video was debunked many times, and Bost refused to recant his support of that video. He never answered my inquiry about his stance on that video. I guess the same response will be to this letter. Mike Bost: “Passionate Leadership for Illinois” Really?

Richard L. Wosylus, Smithton