Letters to the Editor

We’re in this, and better, together

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I, like many, watched the commercials and Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. The first commercial to sweep me in was from Anheuser-Bush. The silence of Adolphus Busch conveys the silence of many refugees and immigrants that have been affected by the Muslim Ban. 84 Lumber’s ad that eventually leads an exhausted mother and daughter to the gigantic doors of Donald Trump’s wall provides the relief in a climate that we felt had changed a long time ago. Audi reminded us how stupid it is that women’s work value is still less than a man’s. All of these commercials, and more, were so confirming. I am not alone.

I’ve never felt more included in society. Artists are stretching their words and expression as far as they can go. Our small, rural communities struggle with inclusiveness. It’s in the light now, and you can’t hide it as well. I try to treat everyone with love, kindness, patience and understanding, until they cause harm in some way. Then I forgive and let them go. It’s been difficult to maintain relationships with those who agree with the Trump administration’s agenda. To my many friends out there who are protesting, organizing, making phone calls, sharing ideas, creating, loving and living their lives with purpose ... you aren’t alone. If you find yourself feeling isolated, watch Lady Gaga’s performance again to see all the people holding torch lights, to hear the words of each song and feel momentum that must not stop. We’re in this and we’re better ... together.

Heather Hoffman, Breese