Letters to the Editor

Even FOX News was flabbergasted

On day one, Donald Trump went to the CIA headquarters to assure the guys and gals that he really doesn’t think they are Nazis. That darned evil media misinterpreted him. He rambled on about the media’s inaccurate crowd estimates and the case of the missing Martin Luther King bust. He talked about how he felt 35 and bragged about his stamina on the campaign trail. He said his uncle is a professor at MIT, which proves (I guess) that he (Trump) is smart. He mentioned that he was on the cover of Time magazine 15 times. He claimed the military and CIA folks voted for him because they were on the same wavelength as he. (Not sure what that means.) He said he thought he gave a great inauguration speech, didn’t they agree? He even cracked a joke: He was going to give them so much backing they would beg him to back off. It was a rambling, self-serving, unscripted speech that dishonored the background of stars behind him.

Then, a few hours later, his press secretary, Sean Spicer, called an unscheduled press briefing. He reiterated the erroneous crowd estimates (according to Trump) and the case of the Marin Luther King bust. He informed the press that his administration was at war with the media and they had better watch out. He took no questions and never mentioned the protests that were happening in Washington and all over the world. Wow. Even the Fox News commentators were left flabbergasted.

Judy Neel, Belleville