Letters to the Editor

3 million votes didn’t count

I have a gnawing antipathy for our present president. Even his mien is off-putting. For example, caught in a mid-sentence harangue in the Oval Office, he flourishes his signature oral orifice, strongly suggesting an Edsel grill.

I’ve often been told, with a hint of unplumbed wisdom, that every vote counts. In the 2016 presidential election, almost 3 million votes didn’t count, thanks to an 18th century anachronism called the “Electoral College.” Hence we are how stuck with a thin-skinned, vindictive, unbalanced, buffoonish autocrat, who poses a clear and present threat to domestic and world stability. When will the clueless apologists for Donald Trump realize that they have bought a pig in a poke?

Fred Ehrstein, Belleville