Letters to the Editor

It’s party before country for Republicans

Recent news stories claim confirmation of on-going communications between Russian diplomats and members of Donald Trump’s campaign staff during Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. Trump’s former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn is at the center of those reports. Flynn served in the position for only 24 days. These revelations indicate on-going cooperation between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. They are of particular concern due to the previous corroborated information indicating that the Russian government influenced the presidential election of 2016 via propaganda detrimental to Hillary Clinton.

Will the Republican-controlled Congress investigate the Trump/Russia connection? Republicans like investigations: salacious witch hunt during the Bill Clinton presidency, Barack Obama birther issue, and nine investigations of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi incident. So one would surmise that Republicans would be chomping at the bit to investigate the national security issues intertwined with Trump’s first national security adviser. But that’s not the case.

In a Feb. 15 USA Today story by David Jackson (Trump denies Russia ‘conspiracy theories’), Republican Senator Bob Corker (Tennessee), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed his concern. But his concern: “The question is whether the White House is going to be able to stabilize itself,” Corker told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

So it’s party before country! Corker is concerned about Trump’s survival, not national security! Thus, Corker is one of the vile hypocrites kowtowing to Trump. Trump should be impeached and his minion run-out of Washington, for the sake of America.

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park, Mo.