Letters to the Editor

The present system is just fine

I Googled the recount on the Michigan recount from the last election. They found that the fraud in the Detroit results had ballots counted as much as six times over and over.

Listen carefully, folks. This goes on in the large cities of the U.S., and most are controlled by the Democrat Party. It is easy to figure out. Look at East St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington D.C. and Seattle. I think you would easily find as many as 3 to 7 million fraudulent votes just from these cities just mentioned.

It may be that our new president is onto something. Then the liberal press and outliers can shut their mouths about the popular vote.

I like the present system just fine. I don’t want New York City or Los Angeles running our country!

H. Ray Sigler, Highland