Letters to the Editor

Why is there so much fuss?

I’m convinced some people are crazy and going bonkers over everything the new administration is doing. And surely the media is focusing on those reactions to stir up the craziness. Face it, people. You’re acting like our republic is collapsing, and it isn’t. Take the travel ban. It’s not meant to stop immigration. It focuses on certain nations known and identified by intelligence to have terrorists. What’s wrong with a temporary ban or extreme vetting until immigration actions are reviewed and improved? It’s like people are going extreme in their reactions to reasonable measures. I’ve come to the conclusion that the media overall will do anything to stir up issues and present reasons for opposition just to shape the public opinion. Does anyone realize that in the late 1950s our country put a ban on immigration from communist countries, or after 9/11 there was a temporary ban on any immigration? When those orders were made was there this much fuss? I just don’t understand.

It’s getting to where it’s insane how people are reacting. The engineering is there to put the pipeline through the Dakotas without endangering the fresh water. If there was a break we could clean it up. The Gulf of Mexico was cleaned up from tons of oil. Certainly a lake can be also cleaned. And, I’m not even saying it will happen. The pipeline will create jobs and more importantly allow cheaper transport of oil for refining. People, screw your head on straight.

Steven Tempia, Collinsville