Letters to the Editor

Small minds, big bullies

Is there anything more deplorable than sanctimonious, morality dumpster-divers known as Conservatives and Republicans?

Most of that ilk, from my experience, have been shown to be snarky, juvenile, emotionally stunted, intellectually suppressed, mean-spirited, authoritarian, fearful, and possess a dystopian worldview. They aptly personify the contradictory teachings found in their anti-humanitarian manifesto, the Bible. Save a fetus, then send it to war. Love thy neighbor, but carry a gun. Throw out moneylenders, then appoint swamp-dwelling billionaires.

Conservatives are not pro-life; they are pro-fetus. They don’t care how a child is cared for once born, but want to exert control over a woman’s decision. They are not Christians, with their constitutional idolatry, war mongering, and xenophobia disguised as “legal immigration.” They’ll do what is right, as long as Uncle Sam gives them permission.

If their indignation to injustice and indecency were genuine, they would have distanced themselves from Donald Trump on principle. He may have promised things favorable with their sentiments, but how could anyone seriously believe a psychopathic megalomaniac?

Trump is a dichotomy of festering mental imbalance. He professes pro-life, but he wants to build more nukes. Maybe he’ll develop fetus-friendly nukes. He wants to drain the swamp, but his cabinet of opulent oligarchs speak more to clogging the toilet.

This hypocritical group love to provoke, but don’t want anyone treading on their icons. They lack civil discourse, and will respond with fists.

They live with heads in the sand, or up their … well…

Small hands, small minds, big bullies.

Randall Winborne, St. Louis